St James School strives to be a Christian family centred around Jesus and his teaching.

The Catholic identity and tradition of the school, therefore, will be characterised by Christian attitudes, values and practices in a welcoming and caring educational environment.

Personal growth and the pursuit of learning within the Catholic context will be nurtured, promoted

 and celebrated in partnership with parents, pastors, parish and the wider community.


The mission of St James School Community is to work in partnership with the family, Parish and the wider community to:

– Provide a safe, dynamic, caring environment, based on the Gospel values and centred in Christ.

– Promote and implement quality teaching and nurture holistic and life-long learning.

– Foster the Catholic story with its rituals, teachings, heritage and traditions.

– Raise awareness of local and global issues and our responsibility to act with justice and compassion.

– Empower each other with hope for the future, resilience and optimism in embracing change.

The heart of St James mission is to engage in quality teaching and learning and celebrate the Good News of Jesus.