Communication & Contact Details and Parent Handbook

Communication & Contact Details

Communication between school-home is vital as it creates an environment where all can flourish.  St James Primary has developed a Communication Strategy (see policies page) that outlines how effective communication is achieved.

We can be contacted by:


Phone: 0755 249 404

An important element of the strategy is the Compass platform, which has many features including:

  • Receive notifications about school events, news, and information
  • Enter an explanation for absences
  • Update your family contact details (mobile phone & email)
  • View your child’s timetable and the school calendar
  • Download and view your child’s academic reports
  • Book parent-teacher conferences (parent/teacher interviews)
  • Pay and provide digital consent for events
  • Order lunches from the Canteen 
  • Pay school fees

Further Information about Compass is available in the Portals and Links section of the Website.

The school newsletter is published each fortnight and the latest newsletter is accessible below: