Sporting Activities at St James Include:

  • All students from K–6 attend an intensive swimming program.
  • All students from K–6 attend a Gymnastics program.
  • Athletics Carnival.
  • Swimming Carnival.
  • Cross Country Carnival.
  • Lower Primary Gross Motor Program.
  • Fundamental Movement Program from K–6.
  • Winter Sports Competitions involving Rugby League, Soccer, Netball etcetera.
  • External Sports Program for all students in Term 4.
  • Stage 3 have the opportunity to attend Zone GALA Days, Diocesan Challenges etcetera.

Representative Pathways

St James children have the opportunity to participate in school representative sport to the highest level in Primary School sport which is representing NSWPSSA at an Australian All Schools Carnival.

The sporting pathways include: Swimming, Cross Country, Athletics, Rugby League, Soccer, Netball, Softball, Cricket, Basketball, Touch Football, AFL, Hockey, Tennis and Rugby Union.

Representative Opportunities Exist in the following:

  • St James Representative at a Tweed Zone Carnival.
  • Tweed Zone Representative at a Lismore Diocesan Carnival.
  • Lismore Diocesan Representative at a Polding Carnival.
  • Polding Representative at NSW PSSA Carnivals.
  • NSWPSSA Representative at an Australian All Schools Carnival.

Sport Houses 

When students enrol at St James, they are allocated a Sporting House (siblings are placed together). These Houses are the student’s ‘team’ for carnivals and special sporting events.

The Houses are:

MacKillop House (Blue)

Polding House (Red) 

Ryland House (Green)

Hanly House (Yellow) 

Further information about the School Houses can be found in the community and culture section of the website: Community and Culture

Music Instrumental Program

Students at St James Primary have the option of learning a musical instrument.  Studies clearly demonstrate students who participate in musical activities such as learning an instrument and learning to read music, largely excel in academic studies.  Additionally, students develop positively in other areas from fine motor skills to listening skills as well as communication, team building, and social skills.