The school's motto is 'Family in Christ', therefore;

We believe in the mystery of Christ revealed in faith and are stewards of creation.

We imagine the possibilities of learning for life and inspire strength and gentleness.

We serve the common good and respect the dignity of all by sowing seeds of justice.


Enabling our students to experience the fullness of life.

“I have come in order that you may have life – life in all its fullness.”  John 10:10


St James Primary strives to be a Christian family centred

 around Jesus and his teachings.

We bear witness to the Gospel values through authentic participation in service for

the common good.  Through worship and Catholic tradition,

we evangelise and nourish the whole person.


We are learner centred, ensuring precision in practice. 

Our learning environments are safe, inclusive, and contemporary.


We build relationships, demonstrating gratitude, spirituality, and empathy. 

Our embedded shared beliefs and practices are reflective of the

pastoral care dimension in the Fullness of Life Framework.


We are empowered through Christ centred leadership. 

We lead with shared beliefs and ownership for future directions.

 Through distributed leadership and capacity building, all staff are called to lead.


We are welcoming and inclusive. 

We are a positive and respectful community with supportive relationships.

 Parents are actively engaged in student learning.

Graduate Outcomes

St James Primary strives for Graduates to be empathetical people of good character and decency who are filled with hope, joy, and faith. 

They are empowered to be highly literate and numerate life-long learners.

School Improvement

The ultimate goal of the school improvement process is to enhance and facilitate better learning for students, including levels of achievement and wellbeing.  For this reason, direct measures of student outcomes, and the collection and analysis of data, are essential components of the St James school improvement effort.  The school has an ongoing school improvement process, which includes an overall improvement plan, as detailed below.