Parent Community Group 

Our Parent Community Group plays a vital role in all aspects of school life.  The values that express our Forum are; Inclusiveness to all, a want to bring families together and the gifts that each person brings to the school.  These values show a Family in Christ.

All parents are encouraged to attend the Parent Community Group Meetings that facilitate parental involvement and engagement, fosters communication with other parents, enhance parent social activities and give opportunities for parents to liaise with our Principal and Assistant Principal whereby they can represent the views of the parents.

At St James, we also gather to fundraise for the wellbeing and learning needs of our students.  These include a School Fete, Easter Raffle, Mother’s Day/Father’s Day stalls/Breakfasts and many more activities which connect parents with the school and help build community.

Parent Education 

The Parent Assembly supports parents as they seek to improve their understanding of child development and parenting skills. Opportunities are provided for parents to enhance their knowledge and skills through seminars, topical workshops and expert guest speakers.

The Catholic Schools Office, Parent Assembly also provides parenting education opportunities for parents in the following areas:

  • Prayer and family life.
  • Drug and alcohol education.
  • Christian personal development and human sexuality.
  • Cybersafety.
  • Bullying in schools.
  • Boys and girls education.
  • Parenting skills.
  • Nutrition.

Volunteer Guidelines