Safe Travel 


Pick up and drop off points for students

The following safety measures are in place to ensure that the picking up or dropping off of students is undertaken in a safe manner:

● Entry and exit signage to the school/workplace is located at:
- At the end of Doyle Dr (Keep Left and 10km/h sign) and along certain parts of the ‘ring-road’.
- At the start of Doyle Dr as cars move in an easterly direction.

● Designated pick up and drop off areas for students are located at:
- In the public car park at the northern end of the campus.
- At the designated (signed) area near the eastern side of the car park. There is a designated lane for this.

● Pick up and drop off areas for students are clearly marked by:
- Signage near the Doyle Dr entry.
- Designated lane at the far eastern end of the car park area for car pick up and drop off.
- Signage and fencing at the bus bay area.

● Designated pedestrian crossings are:
- At the inbound part of the ring-road and the outbound part, both close the Doyle Dr entry point of the school grounds.

● Pedestrian walkways are physically protected from designated roadways by:
- Parts of the walkway are protected by fencing.
- The fencing is found bordering the majority of the public car park and along the bus pick-up area.
- In other areas, it is a raised footpath with curbing and guttering

● Pedestrian walkways are clearly marked/indicated by:
- Signage directs pedestrians to use the assigned cross to access the public visitor car park.

● Speed restriction signage is clearly displayed in the workplace at the following locations:
- Along Doyle Dr (40).
- At the end of Doyle Dr (5).

● Speed controlling devices are in place to restrict vehicle speed on site:
- There is one speed hump at the start of the ring road and one near the bus shelter. There are also speed humps the length of the access road.

Travelling by Bus

To apply for a bus pass:  Transport NSW

For route information regarding bus travel, please visit Surfside bus Company (make sure to select school travel in the refine option): Surfside School Travel