Why Choose St James Primary?


At St James Primary our motto is 'Family in Christ', as such we ensure that 'every child is known and loved'.
We inspire and aspire learners to be creative, communicative and critical thinkers and we promote:
- Quality Teaching in a nurturing atmosphere.
- Child-centred decision making.
- Supporting students to value themselves and to be valuable members of society.
- Strong parental partnerships.
- Contemporary Learning and Teaching approaches.
- Strong focus on inclusion.
- Emphasis on Strategic Planning.
- Modern facilities.
- Sporting programs that provide for all interests and abilities.

We are committed to promoting clarity, unity, strategic direction and resourcing around the role of parents as partners in our school, and we offer a variety of opportunities for parents to be authentic partners in the enterprise of Catholic Education.

Parent Testimonial     

“I love St James because everyone is so welcoming and caring. The loving and safe environment provided by St James gives me so much comfort and the fact that the Principal greets each child by name every morning at the gate is so special and important to me. I feel very supported as a parent at St James, and I know when I say goodbye to my children in the morning that I am leaving them in the best care. I really feel the school lives and practices their motto – every child is known and loved”.

Joanne Fairall – Mother of Millie and Joshua.